Jobmatch 2023

Participate at Jobmatch 2023 and expand your business network with 76 private and public employers taking part of the Jobmatch event on Friday the 29th of December in the Nordic House

If you have a higher education, have acquired skills within a certain trade, or have a professional experience and would like to engage in the Faroese job market, Jobmatch might be the right event for you to attend. At Jobmatch you can expand your business network to around 76 companies and institutions that will be participating in the event in the Nordic House. Jobmatch is a unique opportunity to learn more about job possibilities in the Faroe Islands and to introduce yourself to potential employers.

The organizers have developed a feature on the Jobmatch webpage to make it possible for you to book a JobPrát (JobTalk) meeting with participants that you would like to get in contact with. A JobPrát is a short informal conversation where you can explain a little about your work experience and education, and learn about the participant.

If you would like to participate on Jobmatch you are to register by clicking on the green button *Melda til Jobmatch* in the upper right corner. Hereafter you can book a JobPrát with those businesses that you would like to get in contact with. The JobPrát meeting will be held at the partisipant’s booth in the Nordic House on the 29th of December 2023. If you already registered in the Jobmatch portal and have a user, you should only click on the blue button *Rita inn*.

The deadline for booking a JobPrát with the participants is on the 28th December at 12.00 noon.

It will also be possible to book a virtual JobPrát with the participants if you are not able to visit the Jobmatch event in the Nordic House on the 29th December. After booking a virtual (talgilt) JobPrát the participant will contact you to find a suitable meeting time and media.

When you register at jobmatch.fo it is recommendable to complete the registration sheet as accurately as possible. The participating private and public business have access to the below information about you:

–        Age
–        The business areas that have your interest
–        Educational status
–        Name of education
–        Educational level
–        If you have attached a CV (only participants that you have booked a JobPrát with or from whom you have accepted a JobPrát invite will have access to you CV)

Hence, the above information will be displayed anonymously, so that the participants can see if your profile matches what they are looking for. The participant can book a JobPrát with you if there is a match. You will then receive notifications regarding this on your personal Jobmatch profile and by email and you are then to accept or deny the reserved JobPrát.

When you book a JobPrát with a participant or accept a reserved JobPrát this participant will get access to all your registered information. Before you accept a reserved JobPrát or book a JobPrát, the participant will only see the above listed information about you. You can also update your Jobmatch profile at any time.

We hope to see you at Jobmatch 2023. Book a JobPrát with those participants that you would like to get in contact with to grow your network. Deadline to book a JobPrát and get in contact with the Faroese labour market is on 28th December at 12 noon

It is free of charge to visit Jobmatch 2023