Internship in Faroe Islands?

Henning Larsen Architects

Henning Larsen seeks architect and technical architect interns. Usually you start at the Faroe Islands studio by August / September.

You will be a part of our intern program in a dynamic and ambitious workplace that goes against the international currents of establishing in the world’s metropolitan areas – Henning Larsen has chosen to establish itself in the middle of the North Atlantic. Creating architecture on a cliff side where mountains and seas meet, surrounded by the ocean and the distant horizon, allows for a quiet search in the Nordic tradition, with an international perspective.

Henning Larsen’s workplace in the Faroe Islands is a relatively small workplace that has existed since 2013 and is located on the waterfront in the small village of Syðrugøta. Now we have 12 employees and interns in the office. In the workplace, there are opportunities to have a varied everyday life and get involved in many tasks with different scales. You will get a good insight into all the phases of the construction and the goal is to develop skills in many areas and at many levels.

Obviously, we require you to be a positive and curious person who contributes to the community. In addition, we want architect interns who are creative while being good at Rhino, Adope Package, sketching and physics model work.

At Henning Larsen you will be greeted by professional and dedicated employees who are open to new ideas and who provide their own knowledge and experience.

We provide accommodation and help with practical questions.

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